Youth Development

Investing in Our Next Generation of Leaders

The focus of our Youth programming at KSM is development. We want to help youth become confident and capable adults. We provide a safe and stimulating environment, engaging activities, leadership experiences, positive adult and peer mentors, as well as healthy community connections. We believe the community, support and experiences we can provide a young person will help equip them for success in school, with their relationships, at work and in life.

  • We engage youth in a safe and stimulating environment.
  • We connect youth into positive peer and adult relationships.
  • We inspire youth with opportunities and responsibilities that will help them see their world differently.
  • We come alongside youth to support, encourage and mentor.

Our Youth Programs Include...

Students grade 6 through high school are warmly welcomed into a community where they will be accepted, encouraged and challenged by our staff, volunteers and their peers. We have various programs running through the week. Everyone is welcome!

The LIT program at KSM is an opportunity for high school students to gain experience as leaders within our Kids’ Clubs program. Along with practical experience leading the kids they will also receive bi-weekly leadership training from leadership professionals.

Kerr Street Mission’s Student Co-op Program offers a unique opportunity for students to gain valuable work experience while making a meaningful impact on their community. Participants not only learn about the inner workings of a non-profit organization but also develop essential skills in leadership, teamwork, and community engagement. This hands-on experience not only enhances their resumes, but also instills a sense of social responsibility, empowering them to be proactive agents of positive change in their communities. Our Student Co-op Program is a win-win, fostering personal growth and making a difference in the lives of those in need!

Kerr Street Summer Programs provides three options and opportunities for children and youth aged 5–17 to participate in a great, structured full day program that focuses on fun positive, developmentally appropriate activities.

Here is how our Core and Partner Programs fit together
and form our Child and Youth Development Strategy.

Here is how our Core and Partner Programs fit together and form our Child and Youth Development Strategy.

Shaun came to KSM after a recent move to the community with his mom. Never feeling settled, he felt very lonely and friendless. His mom put him in our youth program and within a few weeks he had made many friends and felt a part of our community.

If you were to meet Shaun today you wouldn’t believe he was the same young man. He has engaged in all activities with enthusiasm and has learned to lean on and trust other people. He joined the basketball league this past season and loves being part of a team.

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