Every Kid Deserves a Memorable Summer


On June 1st, the Halton Region’s Commissioner and Medical Officer of Health forwarded, the Ministry of Health’s “COVID-19 guidance document for summer day camps”. The guidance includes requirements for health and safety, screening, management of participants with COVID-19 symptoms, testing for COVID-19, and occupational health and safety.

We are continuing to work on our plans for day camp and incorporating the protocol in the guidance document. To allow for social distancing we have reduced the number of campers spots and we have arranged for a second site. Our registration has been open for some time and we have filled most of the available spots (unless gathering size is increased beyond what we expect).

We understand the region will be making a final decision, any day now, on whether Day Camps will be allowed. They are monitoring the number of cases daily and will base their decision on the number of new cases. Until then we continue to work at our plans.

At KSM we believe the summer camp experience is an essential part of growing up. The opportunities to participate in a variety of activities, to learn new skills, and to establish meaningful friendships are often life-changing steps on the road to adulthood.

The children who attend Kerr Street summer camps have limited opportunities outside of what KSM offers, so the opportunities we can provide are that much more important for them.

This year the need for a camp experience is even more critical. After weeks of social isolation and limited activities, children and youth are in need of activity and structure. They also need to take on new challenges, reconnect with friends, and explore talents they may never have had a chance to use before.

This year is very unique. We just don’t know what restrictions will be in place for the summer season, or when the current restrictions will be lifted. However, we feel passionate about providing a camp experience, so we are actively planning for several different scenarios.

Our best guess is that gatherings will be restricted to 50 or less. With this in mind, we have begun working on a plan that will allow us to run 2 camps; one for 35, 5 to 9 year olds, and the second for 35, 10 to 13 year olds. In addition, 10 Youth ‘Leadership in Training’ opportunities will be split between the two camps.

We know that it will take a lot of work to restructure camp, to plan new alternative programs, and to develop contingency plans, however we also know it will be worth it when we see the smiles, the joy, and the development of the children and youth that get to participate.

We humbly ask you to consider helping us “Send a Kid to Camp” this summer.

$160 will send a kid to camp for one week.
$1,300 will send a kid to camp for eight weeks.

On behalf of the KSM staff and the Board of Directors, your support is greatly appreciated!

Please Note: If restrictions are not lifted and we are not able to run camp, we will leverage a portion of the funding for alternative child/youth programming and the remaining will be designated for 2021 camp programming.

Can you help send a kid to camp this summer?