We're in this TOGETHER!

Dear Friends,

I hope you are keeping safe and healthy during these uncertain times. We wanted to let you know that Kerr Street Mission (KSM) is OPEN and we remain committed to serving our community.

KSM is an essential service here in Oakville. No matter what happens in the world around us, KSM has made a promise to be here “for the times when you need us” – and now more then ever WE ARE NEEDED.

We are distributing food 6 days a week. There have been long lines and busy days. We have had to modify our set-up based on the restrictions that have been imposed. Thankfully we have been able to develop a process that enables us to provide non perishable food, fresh produce and proteins and some healthy pre-cooked meals for our neighbours in need. Our food market is now operated out of our gym, and food is pre-packaged for our clients so that they spend a minimum amount of time within the facility and so there is ample space between people (staff, volunteers and clients).

Although our other programs have been paused due to the social distancing restrictions, we are finding new ways to care for our families. For good reason many of the seniors that we serve are hesitant to leave their houses and so we have arranged to deliver the food directly to them if needed. Our KSM kids, the children that attend our after school program every day, are an important part of our KSM family. We miss seeing them daily and hearing their sweet voices and laughter echo throughout our halls. It is a tough time for all the children and youth, and their parents too. Our staff have been connecting with all of the kids and their families to offer support and to make sure they know they are loved and supported.

In this time of need, we are blessed to have such a generous community. A big thank you to all of you who have already given so that Kerr Street Mission (KSM) can continue to help our neighbours in need. We are in awe of the kind hearted individuals and organizations that have stepped up to help. Over the last few weeks so many have provided financial donations, delivered food and pre-made meals and offered time to help us serve – it is inspiring.

All indicators are that the restrictions are going to remain in place for some time. In one day alone we had 12 new families call to ask if they can get help. None of these families have used or needed a food bank before.

We are committed to providing ALL of the individuals and families that are in need. Your support is what makes it possible for us to be here for them.

THANK YOU to our amazing community for Loving Your Neighbour. We hope you keep safe and well.

Gary O’Neill
Executive Director

How you can help:

Please SHARE this with your family, friends and colleagues


through a match

We are excited to announce that a generous donor has offered to match all MONTHLY (recurring) donations up to a total of $75,000.

For example a donation of $50 a month or $600 per year will be matched resulting in an additional $600 for KSM.

Designate your monthly donation to ‘Family Programs’ and it will be used to purchase necessary food and supplies and provide benevolence for families in crisis.

Donations by cheque can also be sent in the mail.

DONATE Food and Hygiene Products

Many distributers are low on stock and deliveries of non-perishable items are taking from 4- 6 weeks to arrive. So donations of needed products would be very helpful.

Here is a list of what is most urgently needed:

▪ Pasta Sauce
▪ Canned Vegetables
▪ Healthy Breakfast Cereal
▪ Toilet Paper
▪ Healthy Sides (quinoa, couscous, tabbouleh)
Note: Canned soup is not needed at this time

Items can be dropped off at KSM – 485 Kerr Street, Oakville.

Are you able to help in this time of need?

Please contact Ariana Cusson at 905-845-7485 ext. 209 or
for more information about our Food Market and if you or your organization is interested in supporting the market with food or hygiene product donations.