Christmas Wonders & Beyond

The Need is Greater than Ever!

For many of us, Christmas is a wonderful time of year when we purchase special gifts and favourite foods for our loved ones. For others the reality of their financial struggles are magnified, often leaving them feeling inadequate and hopeless.

Since 2003, Kerr Street Mission has rallied the community together through our “Christmas Wonders and Beyond” program, to make sure families in need are able to celebrate Christmas well.

“Christmas Wonders” provides support for families at Christmas. The “Beyond” provides support for the rest of the year.

At KSM we are committed to treating people as we would like to be treated. It is for this reason that we offer gift and food cards to our families, giving them the chance to choose the gifts and food that their families will enjoy.

We are extremely grateful for the love, compassion and generosity of the community. Together you have helped us give many families across Oakville a very special Christmas blessing.

In 2023, demand on Canadian food banks has hit unprecedented levels. With the cost of food, housing, and nearly all essentials on the rise, food banks are becoming increasingly vital for families struggling to make ends meet.

Over the last nine months, KSM has seen a surge in people needing support. From January to October an additional 200 people per week have been depending on our Food Market. Similarly, our Choose Fresh program has had a 21% increase in households registering.

For so many families in our community, meeting their monthly financial obligations is just not possible. As Christmas approaches the harsh reality of their financial situation is one that will force them to decide whether they will seek help, or do without.

Our KSM staff and volunteers are thankful that we can offer assistance, and that we have always been able to provide for those who seek our help.

We need your support,
now more than ever!

For more than 20 years, we have rallied the community through our “Christmas Wonders and Beyond” program. With the generosity of the community, we have been able to make sure families seeking help will be able to celebrate Christmas well. We are so grateful for the love, compassion and support from all of you. With your help we will continue to provide for all the families that come seeking help and we will give the gift of joy again this season!

Please consider donating today. We appreciate your generosity in making “Christmas Wonders and Beyond 2023” a great success!

Our Christmas Wonders and Beyond Program runs from November 1st to December 31st.

How You Can Help

Thank you so much for a very merry Christmas ! My family got everything we need with your generosity. Both of my young sons are now all set with warm clothes for winter, as well as happy with the toys they got. With the gift cards we received for Food Basics and Walmart we also had a lovely holiday dinner, and were able to also get some practical items for my husband and I to use around the apartment! We send our heartfelt thanks, and hope we’re able to give back this year, to help others have happy holidays as we have.

Christmas Wonders Recipient (unedited)

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