Providing Consistent Healthy Food Options to Our Community

One of our goals at KSM is to provide families with consistent, healthy food to help increase their well-being. Part of our mission statement is to help those in need reach a healthier and more sustainable situation. So, in keeping with our mission we have developed a program to provide clients with more consistent and healthy food choices. It’s called Choose Fresh and its goal is to help fill in the gaps that our Food Market can’t fill. To participate, clients will contribute $20 a month for food and will receive $80 of fresh food items consisting of:

Clients will still be able to access our food market at no cost each week with fresh bread, reclaimed produce and proteins, non-perishable food items and hygiene products as available. In addition to providing healthy food options, we are also able to offer cooking classes to educate clients on how to use the fresh food produce so they can make delicious and nutritious meals for their families.

I am loving the new “Choose Fresh” program. I am impressed not just with the quality of the food but also the amount. I feel like my family is eating better and I’m being more creative with our meals to make sure I’m using all of the food properly. I was skeptical about the program at first, but it is great and I am happy to be able to take care of my family’s health. It’s a concern when fresh food prices keep going up, but this program has helped to decrease the stress around providing for my family. Thank you so much for “Choose Fresh”.

– Choose Fresh Participant

Would you like to help bring
healthier food choices to our community?

Please contact Ariana Cusson at 905-845-7485 ext. 209 or
for more information about our Choose Fresh Initiative.