The Power of a Conversation

How Kerr Street Mission Changed Bruce's Life Forever

Do you remember when you had a sore throat or stuffy nose, and you thought, “I will never take for granted all those times I could swallow, breathe, or smell fine.” This is your reminder to be thankful you don’t have a cold right now.

Another thing we take for granted is teeth. You may or may not like salad, but imagine not being able to eat one because of your teeth. This was Bruce’s reality for 15+ years with dysfunctional dentures. Why? Because he made $200 too much to qualify for senior medical assistance.

Bruce came to Kerr Street Mission community meals because he drastically lost his eyesight and could no longer cook. Last month, as usual, Bruce was eating community meals, and it was known that he ate slowly, but no one thought anything of it. Until a KSM staff member sat with him one evening and, in conversation, discovered that Bruce couldn’t have a salad. “Why can’t you have salad, Bruce?” “My teeth are too worn out; I can’t bite into the leaves or crunch the carrots. It’s been this way for years.” Then his story unfolded. The KSM Staff member took Bruces’ story to leadership, and our Family Services Department worked to help him get assistance for his dentures. With a lot of work and the use of our NCN Service Provider Network, Bruce got brand new teeth!

“I can’t believe it,” said Bruce. “In just a few days, Kerr Street Mission has completely changed my life.” Sometimes hope and transformation can happen with a simple conversation.
If you are looking to make a meaningful impact in the lives of real people like Bruce, join us at #KSM in our mission to support & foster community and create a sustainable future for all people in Oakville.

Together, we can provide love, compassion, and support to those facing various challenges.

The image shows Bruce (left) with KSM staff at his first meal with new teeth at KSM's community dinner.

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