Selena’s Story

Three years ago, Selena arrived in Canada to take up employment as a nanny. She had to leave her husband and her four children in her home country as she searched for better economic prospects for her family. Since arriving she had worked very hard at two jobs to support herself and to send money home for her kids.

She approached her church just before Christmas in great distress. Her four children were coming to join her in two weeks but, despite her best efforts, she did not have the house space or the finances to prepare for them. She also did not have a car and her movements were limited. Her pastor assigned a newly trained volunteer Restore Care Planner from the congregation to assist her. The volunteer developed a plan of care and set about supporting Selena to prepare for the arrival of her children.

The Restore Care Planner provided close emotional support and encouragement and actively helped with the search for an apartment. Her church assisted with rent. Kerr Street Mission gave support through the Christmas Wonders program. The Restore Halton community responded overwhelmingly with gift cards, furniture, and other household and food items. Winter clothes and other provisions were secured for the children. The Care Planner also assisted with transportation for registration of the children with the various agencies, and provided advocacy with respective social agencies.

She helped to transform fear and anxiety into hope and optimism.

After about three weeks of engagement, the Restore volunteer was able to help a family, which was in a very precarious place and in great distress, land in a healthier and more promising place. She helped to transform fear and anxiety into hope and optimism. One can only imagine how this story could have ended without her intervention. Here are the words of Selena: “My deepest thank you for all you do in the Restoration Ministry. God bless you with your dedication in serving your community.”

Note: The name in the story has been changed for privacy reasons.

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