Leadership, Encouragement and Development

Leaders are people who look at their world and say, “It doesn’t have to be this way,” and do something about it.​

– Muskoka Woods Leadership Studio

KSM has a dream that Kerr Street youth will take the LEAD with their younger counterparts. LEAD is an important part of our youth development strategy. We encourage our youth to guide and support the younger members of their community. We believe that trusting them with leadership
opportunities builds courage, confidence and capabilities.

As students take on responsibility they gain valuable experience – learning from their success and other times learning from their struggles. Either way they are learning important lessons and building foundations that will help them understand how to be responsible and accountable later in life.

Participating students benefit from mentorship from our staff and volunteers. They are also offered special opportunities: field trips, overnight summer camps, special activities and, depending on the availability of funding, Leadership retreats at the Muskoka Woods Leadership Studio.

How can you invest in the young leaders of our community?

Please contact Tim Moore at 905-845-7485 ext. 222 or tim@kerrstreet.com
for more information about our LEAD Program and how you can get involved.