Language That Needs No Translation

A mom who couldn’t speak English came to KSM in need of help. She had been struggling to get her family settled and she worried about what to do with her young daughter. We called the Halton Multicultural Council to arrange for a translator. We registered her daughter for our after school care program, and we set up a meeting with our Restore Area Director.

When the meeting was over and the mom left the translator thanked our Family Care Coordinator for all we had done for this family. She explained that the mom had told her that we had done more to help her than anyone else. Our coordinator responded by saying she felt we weren’t able to do much at all. The translator then said, “You cared! You couldn’t even speak to her yet through your kindness she knows you care about her and her family. You made the extra help to bring me in to help to get questions answered and you showed her compassion. That is a language that needs no translation!”

Knowing that we helped them feel loved and more settled is wonderful. It reminds us that we need to be ready with hugs and help when families come in search of help.

I know that so many people are suffering from social and emotional isolation. That’s why I love our community meal times; not everyone who attends needs to utilize the food bank, but everyone who comes needs to be in community. Friendships are formed and nurtured in this room and it’s some of the most cherished times of my week!

Michelle – Family Care Program Coordinator

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