A Very Merry Christmas!

Christmas may be over but our hearts are still warm hearing stories from our clients on how their holidays were made brighter with help from Kerr Street Mission. On Christmas day a special meal was prepared and served for the community by our Family Care Lead, Michelle and a group of her family and KSM volunteers.

Michelle planned the meal in advance, inviting KSM families who would like to join her on Christmas Day. Turkey was served, along with delicious sides, all prepared by Michelle and friends on Christmas Eve. She then made sure there were presents for every guest under the tree. The day was spent in a room lovingly decorated and full of the love and warmth that Michelle shares with every client she crosses paths with. Carols were sung, tummies were filled and the true meaning of the season was shared. Thank you to Michelle and the special volunteers who made this day so special for so many who might have otherwise been alone.

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