A Hand Up, Not Just a Hand Out

Every day, people looking for help and support walk through our doors. They might have heard about KSM through friends or within the neighbourhood. Our community dinners have created a sense of family and our clients are delighted to share the word. These meals and our food market have served as a way for us to meet individuals or families that may require more help.

We met a lady who visited KSM for food and also made use of our washrooms and showers. Her apartment lacked many vital necessities including a bathroom. She also recently learned that she was to be evicted from her apartment. Many Oakville residents who have been in a secure rental agreement benefit from rent control. However, with housing costs rising at astronomical rates those that are looking for new residences face a huge increase in rental costs. The list for subsidized housing has a 10 year wait list for this reason.

KSM was able to step in, and on top of providing her with food, showers, and a safe, welcoming community we were also able to help her budget her resources and find affordable housing. We wouldn’t be able to do this without our broad network of support services and agencies.

In 2020, we aim to help more of our regular families with budgeting tools and find ways to reduce costs to better be able to afford the rising cost of living here in Oakville.

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